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Polymer Pools

-Our most popular inground uses the industries best Structural Polymer Walls, Bracing, and stakes by Hydra Elite.


-All of our polymer pools have a structural lifetime warranty.


-Each pool is hand built and are customizable to your personal taste.


-An array of shapes and sizes to choose from.


-We use Hayward LED Colorlogic Lighting, and Hayward Pumps and filters as standard equipment on every pool.


Hydra Elite
Polymer Wall Panels
Poymer Bracing

For more information, options, and special pricing call the store to speak to a representative.

Drop in Fiberglass

-We offer fiberglass pools all built with todays best technology 


-Available in different shapes, sizes,

depths, and colors.

-For more information call or email us today.


A finished fiberglas drop in.
A drop in read for intalltion.

Diamond Bright Concrete

-Pavilion Pools offers Diamond Bright concrete finishes for our custom ingrounds.

-Diamond Bright finishes are the toughest for Up State New Yorks harsh winters and will insure your inground will last for years to come.

-For more information on our complete line up of diamond bright products call one of representatives today.

Adirondack Pavilion Pools Loo
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